1.41 Update for android and iOS

We version is available on android. 1.41 (Updates through google play store) and pending on apple (updates through test flight)


  • Added arrows to price selector.
  • Added a saving indicator.
  • Added more items to the market.
  • Added the ability to manually put in a seed.
  • Added rent to the last shop tier.
  • Removed cap on number of guards you can bring.
  • Added 25 items


  • Increased the buy point of unlockable characters. 
  • Updated Market trends menu.
  • Updated dialogue for customers requests.
  • Changed the way some characters are unlocked.
  • Changed some likes and dislikes of customers.
  • Change reputation for shop size on game save file.
  • Adjusted the drop rates more.
  • Re-balanced drops in adventure.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing Umbra from unlocking.
  • Fixed an issue with Guards taking your necklaces.
  • Fixed an issue where the bulk items shelf would not appear until leaving the shop after unlocking it.
  • Fixed an issue where the reputation could go above 100%
  • Fixed an issue where sound bar showed 100% even when it's not.
  • Fixed and issue where characters unlocks stayed across save files.
  • Fixed spacing in the armors description.
  • Fixed some grammar issues.

Known remaining bugs: 

  • You can click shelves while paying rent.
  • Level 5 has an issue it starts paused and causes other unexpected behavior. Closing the game after the end of that day resolves this issue. 
  • Pricing doesn't show correctly for each guard as you progress.

Also when you beat the game and pay off the shop your save file will have a gold achievement house icon to indicate that. There is also an icon unlocking all the characters and making it through all the levels of adventure mode. But the last two are not implemented yet.

You can also put a seed in when you start the game to have the same random generation. Use the seed 12345 and post a screenshot if you are able to get to a higher level or get more money then I did in my last run of an in game month. 

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