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In a fantasy world full of adventure, earn what you can running an item and weapons shop! Live the Millennial dream of getting out of debt! Expand your shop! Go on adventures to get more items!

Gain experience and earn new abilities and more items.
Buy or find and sell as much as you can to make a profit and expand your shop.
Visit the tavern to see what's happening around town. You may even make some new customers there.

Making Money

Everyone has their price; it's your job to find it. Test the waters but don't get greedy or you will lose out on the sale.


Hire guards to protect your caravan and pickup loot along the way, as you search for a rumored treasure worth it's weight in gold. 

How to Get Updates

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Dungeons and Dividends Discord

Join our discord to give your feedback, see current bugs and report new ones.

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